Eudovic's Art Studio (Castries)

Saint Lucia

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Eudovic's Art Studio (Castries)

If you're looking to bag that special item that will take you back to the splendid time you had at the island of Saint Lucia, look no further than Eudovic’s humble establishment. Eudovic is the island’s first wood sculptor. Visitors are offered a free tour of the studio where he creates his artworks. Here you will get to learn about everything from the tools he uses to the artistic and technical processes he employs to arrive at the results of his wonderful creations. All of this will leave you eager to take home a little piece of his artistry from the gift shop for a very moderate price.


While Saint Lucia may not be the top travel destination for shoppers in search of luxury fashion brands or high street discounts, there are certainly a number of places to keep your eyes peeled for in terms of charming souvenirs and local products.