Blue Monkey Café (Rodney Bay)

Saint Lucia

Copyright: Nick Starichenko

Blue Monkey Café (Rodney Bay)

Despite there being absolutely no primates of this sort on the island, this café in Rodney Bay seems to have taken its name from an imaginary blue one. Head to the Blue Monkey if you are in the mood for a snack or a light meal. There is an ample breakfast menu, as well as salads, burgers, roti and pasta bowls for lunch. Alternatively, take a break at the outdoor benches and enjoy a good old cup of coffee. With friendly staff and tasty food, it is a welcome stop on your way to or from a relaxing time at the beach.


Take a break from your tight sightseeing schedule on the island. Sit back, enjoy a nibble and a little something to drink. You deserve a breather at one of the island's best spots to sip on a cup of coffee, munch away at a tasty savoury snack, or slurp on a sweet tropical fruit smoothie.