Adeline's Art Café (Canaries)

Saint Lucia

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Adeline's Art Café (Canaries)

Adeline's café is in the west-coast town of Canaries. Here is where the finest of sweet treats joins forces with some truly charming artwork made by local artists whose pieces ooze with appeal and beauty. These traditional masks and figures carved out of wood are the perfect match for Adeline's delightful culinary creations. The mouth-watering cakes and flavorsome fruit drinks unquestionably live up to their fabulous reputation.


Take a break from your tight sightseeing schedule on the island. Sit back, enjoy a nibble and a little something to drink. You deserve a breather at one of the island's best spots to sip on a cup of coffee, munch away at a tasty savoury snack, or slurp on a sweet tropical fruit smoothie.